15 Classroom Ideas to Keep Students Engaged Around Spring Break

Are your students getting Spring Fever yet? If so, this post shares tips and classroom ideas to keep your students engaged around Spring Break. Helpful links to freebies and additional resources are included.

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Warm weather can invigorate learning! It can also cause the dreaded “Spring Fever!”

Students (and teachers!) are eager to get out of the classroom for freedom and fun.

So what do you do as a classroom teacher when your students are too wiggly and distracted to keep learning around Spring Break?

That is the question I answer below with tips and ideas to keep your students motivated to learn when Spring arrives!

How to Motivate Students BEFORE Spring Break

1–Use GoNoodle for Brain Breaks

GoNoodle is completely free for teachers. They offer kid-friendly, helpful movement and mindfulness videos.

Students itching to get out for Spring Break NEED more chances to move.

I really like how GoNoodle’s dashboard is easy to navigate and free of ads.

If you want to have brain breaks that align to your learning standards, you can purchase GoNoodle Plus (no affiliate). They also allow you to customize videos in the paid version.

Having several easy brain break activities really helps with keeping students engaged around Spring Break!

This post has even more fun brain break activity ideas for you!

2–Review Past Lessons with Plickers

Another engaging classroom activity to try around Spring Break is Plickers.

If you’ve been around this site before, you know I love using these QR Code printables for engaging lessons.

Plickers gives students a chance to showcase learning without traditional paper & pencil assignments. 

I have a full list of ways to use Plickers HERE.

Trust me, your students will be very engaged with learning using Plickers in the classroom around Spring Break.

3–Playing Learning Games with Kahoot

I LOVE Kahoot!

It is another free online program for teachers that allows you to amp up the fun factor with learning.

You do need to have tablets or iPads to play Kahoot. Students who are allowed to have their own devices in school can also access the app on their device.

If you have students who love gaming or using technology, this activity is a must around Spring Break.

4–Practice Spelling & Sight Words with Shapes

Click the image or CLICK HERE to grab this resource.

Another helpful tip to keep your students engaged around Spring Break is to have them practice writing their spelling and sight words with shapes.

This is a literacy center that keeps students on task in a fun way.

Even students with the worst Spring Fever will be willing to create fun combinations of their words. Then they can switch with a partner to “crack” each other’s spelling codes.

5–Keep Classroom Community Positive with Guess Who Writing

During the days when everyone longs for a much-needed break, it can be challenging to maintain a positive classroom community.

I am always looking for ways to encourage students to practice kindness and friendship.

Guess Who Writing really makes the class time count during the days before Spring Break.

So here’s how “Guess Who” writing works:

  • I have students write simple sentences about themselves, but hide their identity.
  • We glue these sentences on a folded piece of construction paper, then number the outside of each page.
  • I take a picture of each student to hide inside the folded flap.
  • I hang everyone’s writing on a bulletin board or on the walls all around the room.
  • Students then walk around and “guess who” the writing is about!

It is such a fun way to keep students engaged around Spring Break AND to build a deeper sense of class community before the break.

6–Read “Spring-Break” Related Books

It may seem contradicting to read about Spring Break when you want students focused on the classroom, but it will actually HELP students stay engaged with reading!

Since students are excited about Spring, they are more willing to engage with books that talk about it.

Dust off those chapter books and read-alouds to keep students motivated to read and participate in class before the break.

7–Allow Your Students to Teach a Mini-Lesson

For the past two years I’ve used this activity to keep students engaged around Spring Break and we LOVE it!

I give my students a form to propose a topic they feel confident to research and teach

Students must get a parent signature on the topic as well, since they work on their lesson for homework.

I allow students to use MY lesson plan template to decide how to teach their mini-lesson.

Here are some topics students have taught in my class:

  • How to Build a Community in Minecraft
  • Tips for Training Your Dog to Sit
  • Creative Animations to Use in a PowerPoint Presentation
  • Ways That Amazon Alexa Can Help You Stay Organized
  • Bottle Flipping Tips & Tricks

Each student was graded on their writing proposal, lesson plan, and presentation skills.

Younger students may need more guidance with finding a topic. But ALL students have something they are good at doing and want to share.

They will be super motivated to stay engaged with this classroom activity around Spring Break!

Amazon Prime

Ways to Keep Your Students Motivated AFTER Spring Break

Motivating students to participate fully in class after a long break can be just as challenging as keeping them engaged before the break!

Here are some tips & creative classroom activities to transition students into classroom learning smoothly after a long break.

8–Reinforce Your “Back-to-School” Procedures

Repetition promotes mastery of skill.

Those helpful “back-to-school” class procedures need to be repeated after Spring Break.

I use Harry Wong’s First Days of School classroom management system to help me establish and maintain classroom procedures.

We spend almost the first full week after the long break weaving in our procedures review with learning.

9–Have a Classmate Scavenger Hunt

You KNOW students want to talk about what they did, saw, and ate while on Spring Break.

Don’t try to fight away their urge to chat! Let them get it ALL out at once.

Classmate scavenger hunts give your students a chance to move around AND talk about their Spring Break.

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10–Practice Poetry with Haiku Poems

National Poetry Month is usually around the time my students come back from Spring Break.

So I take transition my students back into class with simple, but fun haiku poetry writing.

For students who may not be ready for longer writing assignments, haiku poems are challenging yet short.

They easily help me introduce poetry month and they help me make the most of class time after Spring Break.

Grab a FREE Haiku Poetry Planning Guide HERE.

11–Cultivate Mindfulness with Mini Yoga Exercises

Remember those energetic GoNoodle brain breaks we talked about BEFORE Spring Break?

Well I use that same website to cultivate mindfulness and create a calmer classroom environment AFTER Spring Break.

If your students are still hyper and having a hard time adjusting back into the routine, use yoga to help them settle down.


Yoga and GoNoodle aren’t the only ways to bring mindfulness into the classroom. We have several other ideas on ways to get students more calm and settled down. The best part? These ideas can be used any time of the school year!

12–Kick Off A Novel Study

Beginning a novel study after Spring Break boosts your students excitement for reading again.

It is a great classroom activity to keep students engaged after Spring break.

The key is to find chapter books that are not too challenging and FUN to read. Here is a list of chapter books I’ve used in my classroom.

13–Use Quick Reads for Non-Fiction Reading Practice

Another idea for motivating students after Spring Break is to use hands-on learning activities for test prep and review.

Many schools have standardized testing season around Spring Break.

One idea for motivating kids to review important spelling and phonics rules is with spring-themed literacy activities like this Shamrock Spelling.

Students must apply spelling rules that we’ve learned throughout the year to each ‘shamrock.’ Then we extend the activity by playing a whole-class SCOOT game reviewing the spelling rules.

Not only is this a fun way to keep students motivated around Spring Break, but it also helps prepare them for upcoming standardized tests.

You can see more fun spring-themed activities in this post:
Fun and Low-Prep Spring-Themed Activities for Upper Elementary

14–Incorporate More Technology With Your Lessons

Another idea I like to use to engage my students with learning around Spring Break is to use more technology with learning.

Here are some of my favorite learning apps and technology games:

  • Popplet
  • ChatterPix
  • Seesaw
  • Plickers
  • Kahoot
  • Osmo

I also love using QR Codes for math and vocabulary lessons! Students enjoy them just as much. If you want ideas on FREE and safe games to keep your students engaged around Spring Break, both of the posts below offer the lists you need! ๐Ÿ‘‡๐Ÿพ

free literacy apps for elementary students
12 free math apps to incorporate technology in the math classroom

15–Allow Hands-On Learning Games & Activities

This is a tip I recommend for the entire school year, but especially during the days around Spring Break.

Hands-on activities can include

Four-in-a-Row is a word-work game in my classroom where students practice literacy skills independently or with a partner. It offers a fun way to stay engaged with learning. Click the image for more details!

Adding a fun twist to the learning will keep your students engaged in the classroom while you are enjoying the beautiful days of Spring!

Making Class Time Count Around Spring Break

Which useful idea from this post are you going to use?

No matter which idea you try, be sure to have FUN! When the teacher enjoys class time, the students will feel that positive energy!

If you’re reading this and it isn’t Spring time, be sure to bookmark this page for later use.

How do you keep students engaged in your classroom around Spring Break? Share your ideas in the comments below!

Then pin this post for later. ๐Ÿ™‚

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