New Erin Condren Life Planners 2022-2023

To all my planner aficionados, planner season is here! I am a huge fan of using paper planners for writing lesson plans and life plans. So, I am super excited to introduce the beautiful new Erin Condren Life Planners for 2022-2023. Get ready to fall in love and shop for your new life planner my friends!

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New Erin Condren Life Planners

Life planner season brings so much joy!

Planning keeps me organized and sane. I’ve been using Erin Condren teacher lesson planners for years.

Now, I’m delighted to show off the latest 2022-2023 life planners, which keep life outside of the classroom in order.

Let’s jump right into all the design options you get:

  • Harmony–colorful and neutral
  • In Bloom–sister of Flora design
  • Colorblends–one of my faves!

Harmony Colorful and Neutral

The colorful side of Harmony is packed with vibrant jewel-tone colors and touches of metallic gold. I immediately felt drawn to this for that reason!

Saying that it’s beautiful is an understatement in my opinion.

Seeing it on my desk brings me instant happiness. Plus, I feel motivated to plan in it everyday.

Erin Condren’s design philosophy for this collection also makes me so emotional.

Especially when we think about how much our life plans have been interrupted and changed in the past couple of years.

You are a beautiful reflection of your triumphs and your obstacles; you’re a unique combination of your family, your friends, your career, your faith, your community. You are so much more than one thing. You’re a beautiful…collage of separate sections pieced together, working in HARMONY to make a perfectly imperfect whole.
-Erin Condren Harmony collection philosophy snippet

I absolutely LOVE this description! ❤️ And I adore this collection–mainly the colorful option.

However, the neutral option has a gorgeous tan and light blush palette that looks very sophisticated and elegant.


This ombre blend of colors brings an instant pop of joy! If you’ve seen my previous Erin Condren planner review videos, you know I am all about #TeamColorful.

No offense to everyone who loves neutral-colored planners.

The gradient colors on the Colorblends new Erin Condren life planners reminds me of a sunset or a sunrise.

And the new A5 Ring Agenda in this design makes me want to throw my coiled planner to the side and try something new.

It is SO beautiful that I want it as a purse or wallet!

I don’t know which is my favorite: Harmony or Colorblends? 🤔

Erin Condren New Planner Review on YouTube

Even though a picture is worth a thousand words, a video is even better!

I did a detailed two part video series on the Harmony and Colorblends planners and accessories for YouTube.

Enjoy both of them to see more details of these two design options.

In Bloom Collection–The Sister of Flora

Last year’s trending design was Flora, a very elegant and lovely collection with lots of large flowers.

Here’s my Flora Magnolia Life Planner: (which is still available if you like this design better!)

Well, with the new Erin Condren life planners 2022-2023, you get to choose a similar neutral design with flowers called In Bloom.

Even though I don’t have In Bloom, every picture I’ve seen so far invokes feelings of calm and centeredness.

Photo Credit: Erin Condren–Click the image to see all the neutral planner options.

I also think it pairs really well with many of the Harmony Neutral accessories because they have a similar color scheme.

The main difference is that In Bloom also has a very light purple tone to it.

And just like the ring agenda for Colorblends, the In Bloom ring agenda makes you gasp in delight because it is SOOOO pretty!

What Kind of Planner Layout Options Are Available?

This collection offers several of tried-and-true layout options plus one newbie to the mix.

Photo Credit: Erin Condren–Click the image to see all the layout options

As you can see from the chart, you get to choose coiled, ring agenda, and a binder style planner.

If you love changing your planner covers like I do, then coiled will fit you best. But if you like being able to take the sheets in and out of your planner, a ring agenda or binder will work for you.

For sizes, A5 is the smallest. My new Daily Duo in Colorblends is much smaller and thinner than my 7×9 Harmony.

You can see the full size difference plus each layout option in the YouTube video I have above.

The Brand New A5 Compact Vertical Layout

With this new life planner collection, EC is rolling out a mix between horizontal and vertical layouts with the compact vertical.

This layout option is great for people who may:

  • have a few quick things to write in their planner each week
  • use their planner for functionality only–not for decorative planning
  • like taking meeting notes in their planner
  • enjoy having lined pages like a notebook
  • want a planner that can also serve as a daily diary or journal
Photo Courtesy of Erin Condren–Click to see this planner layout option.

I don’t have this layout option, but one of my #ECSquad friends does and she already LOVES it!

What About All the New Accessories?

Writing utensils, stickers, washi tape, planner bookmarks…on and on.

Anyone in the planner community knows that the accessories are just as much fun to have as the planners.

The accessories that match all the new Erin Condren planners are absolutely gorgeous, but also useful to have.

Both the colorful designs and neutral accessories have mega bundle sets available. In fact, I usually lean towards getting the bundles because of the savings they provide.

And I’ve never wasted anything from the accessories. Everything is put to good use!

I have another YouTube video showing off each of the accessories, which you can check out here:

These accessories make really cool teacher gifts, presents for Mother’s Day, or a treat just for yourself!

Not only that, but if you like matching your planners with accessories, you will enjoy all the options available with these new collections.

How to Save Money on Erin Condren Life Planners

Seeing all the new planners and accessories could be overwhelming if you aren’t financially ready to spend too much.

It may even lead to wonder whether it’s worth splurging on Erin Condren items.

Trust me, I’ve been there. Here are some quick and easy ways to save on buying these new life planners:

  • Follow EC’s Facebook and Instagram page for coupons
  • Affiliates like myself offer generous giveaways on our YouTube channels, so be sure to subscribe to your favorite influencers for freebies

The TOP, fastest way to save big on your purchases is to sign up for the EC Insider Program.

This is a points earning program that’s free to join, but gives you lots of perks like:

In fact, you automatically get $10 off your first order, so join the program HERE.

Where to Buy These New Life Planners and Extras

I always buy new Erin Condren life planners directly from their site.

If you live in or near one of their stores, you can purchase any of their items in-person. They have store locations at:

  • Austen, Texas
  • Fairfax, Virginia
  • Hawthorne, California
  • Irvine, California

I seriously doubt you will be able to find these newbies on Amazon or Etsy. If you do, be leery and careful of it’s authenticity and quality.

Yes, there are Erin Condren items available on those sites, but not all the new life planners featured in this post.

So, what are you waiting for? Go have a blast shopping for your new planner.

But first, let me know in the comments section which design is your favorite?

Happy planner shopping 🛍️

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