10 Fun End of the Year Teacher Shirts

It’s the final days of school and summer is staring you in the face. Get ready for your final hurrah with these 10 fun end of the year teacher shirts! The options here fit different styles and personalities, so there’s something for every teacher to enjoy.

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Why I Love Teacher T-Shirts!

By the time the end of the school year hits, I’m tired and just want coffee and leggings!

Teachers work hard to keep their kids from going crazy at the end of the year anyway, so comfort is high on our lists.

Which is why I love cute and comfortable teacher tees.

They allow me to run around with my kiddos during all our wacky activities to wrap up the year with a bang.

I own every single shirt on this list, so I’m giving you my honest nitty-gritty details on each one.

Funny End of the Year Teacher Shirts

One great thing about graphic tees is that they can bring a smile to your face because of their humor.

The shirts in this section work well for anyone looking for funny tees to wrap up the year.

Dear Parents, Tag You’re It! Love Teachers

I’m wearing the Cranberry color in Medium.

Even though we enjoy partnering with parents throughout the year, it’s especially fun to send certain kids out the door for the full summer. 😁

This teacher tee comes in several different colors. Plus it has a men’s and women’s style, which basically impacts the cut and shape of the shirt.

You can have a lot of fun wearing this in carline during the last week of school!

Teacher Mode: Off

Here’s another funny shirt that I think works well for the end of the year.

But honestly, I think it also works for weekends throughout the school year. Or long holiday breaks too!

Every teacher gets the “joke” too. I put joke in air quotes, because not everyone agrees.

I like the contrast of the baby blue and red, but you can get this shirt in several different colors.

Teachers level of burnout, especially in the last two years, has a lot to do with being overworked. Some parents and administrators expect teachers to be available by phone or email 24/7.

It amazes me how many people need a reminder that we can’t stay in “teacher mode” all the time.

Now we have a fun shirt to wear as a reminder. 🤗

A Great Retirement Shirt to End the School Year

Do you plan on leaving the classroom for good? Maybe for retirement or maybe for a career change.

If so, this colorful option is for you!

Although this shirt makes the list for end of the year shirts, it also works for teachers retiring.

Just like the top options, this one also comes in various colors and size or style options.

I really like the mic drop design on it!

Last Day of School Teacher Tees

Once you get through all your end of the year read alouds, give out your gifts and awards, you can send your kiddos out the door while wearing this fun shirt.

Normally, I gravitate towards black shirts with colorful fonts and designs. The black background on different teacher tees makes the bright colors really pop.

But this heather gray option looks super cute.

Plus, the last day of school should be a “Happy Day,” so something whimsical like this works for the occasion.

I Love You All, Class Dismissed

Yes, we are tired during those final weeks. Some students have danced on our last nerves, so we send them out for the summer with a huge smile.

But in all the 12 years I’ve taught, the final days of school have always been emotional too.

I love being a teacher and each kid becomes my kid through the year.

So a shirt like this works perfectly as a final reminder that I truly love my kiddos.

Not only that, but I’m a HUGE fan of anything leopard print! And red is also my favorite color. ❤️

Having both of those with the rainbow is just right for me. This shirt also comes in different colors in case black doesn’t work for you.

Peace Out 4th Grade!

I’ve spent most of my teaching years with 4th graders. If you’re a new 4th grade teacher or veteran, then this option has your name all over it!

However, be warned…”peace out,” according to some students is an “old saying!” 😂

The fact that some students even think this way makes me crack up laughing. It’s proof that you never know what you’re gonna hear from kids these days!

PLUS–this shirt isn’t just for 4th grade teachers. It can be customized for whatever grade level you teach.

Can These Be End of the Year Shirts for Students Too?

Absolutely! If you have children graduating or just going from one grade to the next, I highly recommend the “peace out” grade level shirts.

Since they come in so many different styles, sizes and options, they aren’t just for end of the year teacher shirts.

Kids and teenagers can wear them too!

I also noticed several “peace out grade level” sayings on pillows and phone cases too.

So, if your school doesn’t allow graphic tees, maybe an accessory would still work for you.

Summer T-Shirts for Teachers

Ahhh…summer time can be such a enriching time for teachers!

These comfy t-shirt options work during the final weeks of school or after you’ve said your good-byes.

As a black woman, I don’t need a suntan. 😀 But as a teacher during summers, I don’t need a lesson plan either!

On top of that, yellow is my second favorite color 💛 and this shirt feels soft and comfortable on me.

If the bright lemon color isn’t your thing, this shirt also comes in:

  • pink
  • blue
  • white
  • silver
  • dark heather gray
  • light heather gray

Basically, there’s something for everyone with this option.

Teacher Off Duty Shirt

This t-shirt makes me think of summer because of the palm trees, sunglasses, and colors in the headband.

Out of all the end of the year teacher shirts from this list, this option is the only one that doesn’t offer a men’s fit.

But the medium I picked fit true to size.


Of course, I had to pull out my summer-beach themed head band to wear with it.

Besides the summer-time touches, you could wear this anytime to signal that you’re “off.”

Kind of like the “Teacher Mode: Off” shirt above, this one also makes a fun way to let people know you’re not available for teacher work.

More End of the Year Teacher Shirts

The latest edition to my teacher tee collection is a cute mint green one that definitely makes sense to wear during the last days of school.

It’s my Chaos Coordinator shirt, which perfectly describes how I feel around the end of the year.

We usually have field trips, long testing days, award ceremonies, and so many other schedule busters.

Even though I love all of these activities, they leave me feeling like I’m just managing the chaos levels.

Last but not least in the lineup of teacher t-shirts for the end of the school year is my “I’m Fine” shirt.

There are times during those final days when you just have to keep telling yourself, “I’m fine. Everything is fine.”

No, this isn’t a stick-your-head-in-the-sand motto, but self-encouragement. Kind of like saying, “I’m going to be alright and make it through this!”

Saving Money on Your Teacher Tees with Amazon Prime Wardrobe

One of my favorite new features with Prime is their Try Before You Buy Service aka Prime Wardrobe.

This is something that can be used on clothes for your entire family.

Let’s say you wanted to have several different teacher t-shirts to try on at home. Prime Wardrobe allows you to order up to six items, try them on at home for up to seven days, then send back the ones you don’t want to keep.

You only pay for what you keep!

I’ve used this service several times and here’s what I like about it:

  • The time I save! I can quickly add clothes I want to my cart and have then shipped to me way faster than going inside a store to shop.
  • My card is not charged until AFTER I sent everything back. Sometimes services like this will put a hold on your account as soon as you place an order. I hate that! Prime Wardrobe doesn’t do pre-charge your card.
  • There’s no extra charge to use Try Before You Buy. You only pay for the clothes you keep.

Here’s what I DON’T like about it:

  • You must return your unwanted items to specific USPS stores. I am so used to returning my unwanted Amazon items to the Kohl’s right by my house. Can’t do that with this service. 😭
  • Not every clothing item is eligible. As you shop through these teacher t-shirt options, look for the Prime Wardrobe label. You can’t use this service on every single clothing item.

If this sounds like something you’d like, give it a try HERE.
 Remember, it’s no extra charge to you.

I know I’m not the only one who wears cute teacher t-shirts to work during those last days. Let me know in the comments below how you rock your teacher tees for school!

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