The Best Teacher Lesson Planner Ever

Effective lesson planning for teachers is so much better with a functional, easy-to-use lesson planner. So, if you are looking for a stylish, but worthwhile lesson planner, I recommend the Erin Condren Teacher Lesson Planner. This post shares why it’s the best teacher lesson planner ever!

best teacher lesson planner

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What Should a Teacher Lesson Planner Include?

There are so many lesson planners out there that teachers can use! How in the world do you determine which is the best?

For me, answering that question begins with figuring out what I really need in order to save time on lesson planning.

No matter what grade level you teach, it really helps if your planner has the following:

  • Monthly & weekly dated pages
  • Extra blank lined pages for you to add additional notes
  • Record checklists to write grades or keep track of other important things
  • Some sort of communication log or record sheet
  • Sections for Class birthdays, your class schedule, and a place to write passwords

Photo Credit: Erin Condren

Click the image or CLICK HERE to see more details about this teacher lesson planner.

Since I am always storing extra papers with my lesson planner, I also like to have an easy way to store these additional pages so that I can stay organized.

And, I have to admit that I am a sticky note addict! So having a way to store my sticky note pads with my lesson planner is a huge bonus.

Being clear on these details helps you determine which planner is the best teacher lesson planner for you!

The Best 2021-2022 Teacher Lesson Planner

I have used teacher lesson planners from several different brands. In fact, for two years in a row, I used a basic, hunter green (ugly!) planner book from my local teacher supply store.

Although it got the job done, I had so many issues staying organized because it didn’t have everything I needed in one place.

So I switched to using Erin Condren’s Teacher Lesson Planners and I haven’t looked back ever since!

For 2021-2022, they’ve launched a new line of teacher planners and accessories that I was fortunate enough to order early.

Already–I am so in love!

Not only do these planners have everything I mentioned above, but they also have the following:

  • Durability (I spilled a drink on one of my pages, but it didn’t destroy my notes! YAY!)
  • Beauty (Trust me, you’ll be way more motivated to use your teacher lesson planner if it looks nice)
  • Thick paper that works with any markers (I like to use Paper Mate Flair Ink Pens and Sharpies…NONE of these bleed through my planner paper!)

Photo Credit: Erin Condren

Accessories like markers, washi tape, and sticky notes can be so helpful with your teacher lesson planner. Click the image or CLICK HERE to see more.

Plus, my planner has metal, coiled rings that allow me to snap-in my sticky notes and other convenient dashboards. That keeps everything I need for lesson planning in one place!

These are some of the reasons why I truly believe this is the best teacher lesson planner for 2021!

More Details About the 2021-2022 Erin Condren Teacher Lesson Planner

If you’re a visual learner like me, it helps to see things instead of just hear about it.

So I have detailed unboxing videos below that show you all the details of the new Erin Condren lesson planners.

Teacher Lesson Planner Details:

My favorite planners have always been the coiled ones, but the downside has always been the heavy weight of them.

Especially since my teacher bags are usually full of other books like read-alouds that I’m carrying back & forth to school.

This hasn’t been an issue since I’ve become an online teacher, because I’m teaching from home full-time.

But, that’s something to take into consideration if you will carry your planner from home to school each day.

If you’re interested in even more detailed specs for the planners shown in this video, you can find each one here:

You can get your planners customized for free. And Erin Condren has other designs besides the one I show in the video.

Teacher Lesson Planner Accessories

Not only have used the teacher lesson planner by Erin Condren, but I also LOVE their teacher accessories!

The 2021 additions make fun teacher gifts too. Check them out here:

Accessories for your Teacher Lesson Planner

You can find out more about the accessories from the video here:

The video doesn’t show this, but if you are a binder lover, you can also get your lesson planner in a 3-ring binder.

Photo Credit: Erin Condren

You can click the image or CLICK HERE to see more details about the Lesson Planner Binder.

The dual-tip markers and other sticky notes from the video can be found separately or within the teacher accessories bundle that I linked above.

I am having a hard time deciding which one is my favorite, but I’m already motivated to start a new fresh year with these accessories.

How to Save Money on Teacher Planners

Compared to other lesson planners, Erin Condren’s prices are higher.

In fact, I wrote a post considering whether buying Erin Condren planners were truly worth the splurge!

As I mentioned in the videos above, one way to save money on Erin Condren planners and accessories is to become an EC Insider.

It’s a free program that allows you to build points for future purchases.

You can use my referral link to get $10 for joining.

If you are already an insider and want a general coupon to use for your teacher lesson planner, I have one that also saves you $10 HERE.

All of the planners, accessories, and even the coupon works for homeschooling parents and anyone else interested.

Please feel free to add any questions or comments below and I will answer them asap.

Hopefully you got some ideas on the lesson planner you need or want for your upcoming (or current) school year.

Happy Planning

The Butterfly Teacher

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