The Golden Rule Task Cards | Do Unto Otters Book Extension Activity

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Using the Golden Rule is a powerful way to cultivate respect and empathy in your classroom–even your online classroom. This Golden Rule Task Card Set can be used in different ways as you see fit in your class!

20 + Google Slides


Are you looking to teach the golden rule to your class this back to school season? Using the Golden Rule is a powerful way to cultivate respect and empathy in your classroom–even your online classroom.


You can teach The Golden Rule with this task card set in the following ways:

  • Centers
  • Beginning of the Year Activity
  • Writing Prompts
  • Read-Aloud Companion
  • In-Person & Online Classroom Management
  • Character Education Activity


It also contains a Google Slides version that tailors to distance learning. The digital prompts include reflection questions that will help students learn to show kindness online! Blank slides are included that allow you to edit or add new prompts.


These task cards work as a great book companion for Do Unto Otters by Laurie Keller


They help you extend the theme of the book with reflection writing.



This Golden Rule Set Contains:

  • 24 task cards in this set–Printable
  • Behavior Reward “Coupons” (similar to Brag Tags)
  • Editable Templates
  • Google Slides Set


Each task card has a question or topic that helps students apply The Golden Rule to their actions in and outside of the classroom. There are also topics related to:

  • Using Good Manners
  • Showing Respect to Adults
  • How to Behave at Recess, in the Hallways, and in the Lunchroom
  • What It Means to Show Kindness
  • What It Means to Play Fair


This resource also includes access to a detailed blog post on how to use The Golden Rule for Positive Behavior Management.


These Golden Rule task cards are saved in a zip file. Instructions for editing included.



More Character Education Resources:



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37 reviews for The Golden Rule Task Cards | Do Unto Otters Book Extension Activity

  1. Erica M.

    This was a great resource that went along with reading “Do Unto Otters”. The students loved completing these in small groups. These also made for great class discussions.

  2. Tiffany J.

    Thank you for this! This helped me kids think of different scenarios for when to apply the golden rule and see that it is something that can be applied in all contexts! They were engaged when sharing with their peers about it!

  3. Patricia B.

    Great for my classroom. This was just want we needed.

  4. Cindy E.

    I am so excited to use this resource this year. I loved the simplicity of how it is organized. I am retiring this year and I am looking forward to the way Tanya has tied in bullying, Mindset, and our own habits with reading and writing skills. Student relationships with others is so important and this resource checks all the boxes!

  5. Amelia R.

    Love to have a unit study ready for me that can be adapted for different ages and based on Christian principles. Thank you!

  6. Rosalba B.

    Love this for the first week of school!

  7. Julie P.

    My students loved filling in these slides. They really liked adding in the images to go along with which each one.

  8. Schoolhouse Treasures

    My students enjoyed the ideas and activities with this set! They understand the Golden Rule because of the time we’ve spent with your activities. Thank you!

  9. Emilee N.

    Love this idea and its meaning. Thank you!

  10. Breanna F.

    My classroom lives by the golden rule, so this was perfect!!

  11. Sarah A.

    I loved seeing my students work together on answering these questions. This was a great way to start the year.

  12. Latavia B.

    I love these!! Thank you so much for creating such an amazing resource!

  13. Alison L.

    This is a great resource companion to the book. Thank you.

  14. Melissa R.

    I originally purchased this to work with a small counseling group that had to work on honesty and theft, but I have since used it with most of the small groups I work with. It has been a very useful resource.

  15. MC Stephanie

    Great resource!

  16. mandie D.

    Great PBIS Resource

  17. Heather B.

    Great resource!

  18. Sabrina R.

    Great activity for the first day of school!

  19. Kathy G.

    I used this at the beginning of the year.

  20. kate J.

    My favorite rule to teach is this one 🙂 Thanks for this!

  21. Magda M.

    Great resource to follow up on a great story.

  22. Ariane O.

    Awesome resource!

  23. Emilie L.

    The task cards allow for some great discussions. I liked to use one per day in my morning meetings to discuss how the Golden Rule applies in different contexts. Students liked acting out some of the scenarios. Very good resource overall.

  24. Jessica F.

    The task cards were a great way to get the students talking- thank you!

  25. Crystal W.

    Wonderful for first few days!!

  26. Sharon M.

    I used these cards during our morning meetings in the beginning of the school year. I will use them again this year virtually.

  27. Denise C.

    This resource worked very well to help students understand and use the Golden Rule in our classroom. It made things a lot smoother in class. Thank you so much!

  28. Elizabeth A.

    Is a great resource as an entry activity to “To Kill a Mockingbird”. Thank you!

  29. Janice R.

    This resource is just what I need for my 6t graders right now as they come back from Christmas break. I’m going to incorporate it into my morning routine to get my students back into the swing of things and to remind them how to treat each other and all people at school.

  30. Deborah D.

    thanks, helpful

  31. Stacy F.

    Great idea to try

  32. Amy C.

    Perfect resource for Do Unto Otters

  33. Cynthia B.

    Excellent activity to engage thoughtfulness in students!

  34. Kristen Richardson

    Thanks so much for this resource!

  35. Lindsay Benoit

    This will be great for our Golden Rule theme! Thank you!

  36. MissTeacherLife

    Great product!!

  37. Catherine H.

    Very nice. Thank you!

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