Useful Math Supplies for Teachers That You Will Love

As a math teacher, you know that having the right tools and accessories is essential for creating a productive and engaging learning environment. From manipulatives to posters, there are countless math supplies for teachers available on the market.

Math Supplies for Teachers

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Math Supplies for Teachers

In this blog post, I will provide you with links to some of the most valuable and useful math teaching supplies and accessories that will make your job easier and your student’s learning experience more enjoyable.

Math Supplies for Teachers Included In This Post

  • Math Manipulatives
  • Math Games
  • Math Decorations
  • Math Read Aloud Books
  • Math Accessories
  • Other Math Supplies

Whether you’re a new teacher or a seasoned veteran, this list has got you covered. So, let’s dive in and discover the math supplies that every teacher should have in their toolkit!

Math Supplies for Teachers

Math Supplies for Teachers – Math Manipulatives

Math manipulatives should be used in every classroom. They are a valuable teaching resource that should be used every day when teaching math, no matter the concept. The math manipulates listed below are resources I have used in my classroom, and I know they will be helpful for you and your students.

Place Value Math Manipulatives

Math manipulatives are essential for teaching place value because they give students a concrete and visual representation of abstract concepts. Using manipulatives such as base-10 blocks, place value disks, or place value cards can help make this concept more concrete. Students can physically manipulate the objects to build and deconstruct numbers, seeing how each digit contributes to the overall value of the number.

Try using these math manipulatives when teaching place value in your classroom:

Fraction Math Manipulatives

Fractions are a difficult concept for students to understand. However, you can make learning hands-on and interactive using fraction manipulatives. Using fraction kits can help your students find equivalent fractions, add and subtract fractions, multiply and divide fractions, and so much more!

Try using these math manipulatives when teaching fractions in your classroom:

Addition and Subtraction Math Manipulatives

Understanding the basics of number bonds can help create a strong foundation for addition and subtraction. These math manipulatives will come in handy with your struggling learners. They make math fun and provide a hands-on approach to learning number bonds. The number line resource below is perfect for delivering varying difficulty levels for students learning to add and subtract larger numbers.

Try using these math manipulatives when teaching addition and subtraction in your classroom:

Multiplication and Division Math Manipulatives

Make multiplication and division fun with these hands-on math manipulatives. Your students will master their times tables and understand the relationship between multiplication and division with the use of these resources. They can be used to support learning, or you can use them in a math station.

Try using these math manipulatives when teaching multiplication and division in your classroom:

Time and Measurement Math Manipulatives

Math manipulatives are a must when teaching time and measurement to your students. Whether you are teaching capacity or weight, these math supplies for teachers will be the perfect addition to your classroom. This clock set is ideal for a class of 25 students for all students to follow along as they learn to tell the time.

Try using these math manipulatives when teaching time and measurement in your classroom:

Geometry Math Manipulatives

These geometry resources will help you make interactive lessons for your students when they learn about shapes. These resources can be used during small group sessions, whole class activities, math centers, or stations.

Try using these math manipulatives when teaching geometry in your classroom:

Math Supplies for Teachers – Math Games

Math games can be beneficial in the classroom for several reasons. First, they can make learning math more engaging and enjoyable for students, particularly those who may struggle with traditional math instruction. Second, math games can reinforce essential math skills and concepts in a fun and interactive way. Finally, math games encourage collaboration and healthy competition. Students can work together to solve problems, learn from each other, and build social skills. They are perfect for early finishers, math centers/stations, morning work, and indoor recess.

Math Supplies for Teachers - Math Games

Try using these math games in your classroom:

Math Supplies for Teachers – Math Decorations

Setting up a classroom with meaningful classroom decorations is essential. Everything you put on your walls should support your students in their learning. You can use these math decorations to set up a math space that your students can reference throughout the year as they learn and review math concepts.

Looking for FREE math decorations? Check out this FREE Classroom Birthday Bulletin Board Set!

Math Supplies for Teachers - FREE Birthday Bulletin Board Set

Birthday bulletin boards can be useful in the classroom for math in several ways. They help students practice numbers and counting, and they improve calendar skills. Alternatively, you can use calendar bulletin boards to practice problem-solving. A birthday bulletin board in the classroom can make math more engaging and relevant to student’s lives, helping them develop important skills and knowledge related to numbers, data analysis, and problem-solving.

Math Supplies for Teachers – Math Read Aloud Books

Math read aloud books can be a valuable tool for teachers to engage their students in learning math concepts. By reading math-themed books aloud, you can provide a fun and interactive way for students to explore math concepts in a relatable and accessible way. Additionally, teachers can use the story as a springboard for further discussion and activities related to the math concepts presented in the book. Below are some popular math read aloud books you can try with your class. You can also check out this blog post with more engaging math read aloud ideas!

Math Supplies for Teachers – Math Accessories

Show your students how much you love math with these super cute t-shirts and accessories!

Other Math Supplies for Teachers

Here are some other math supplies and accessories that are handy to have in your classroom for your math lessons.

Math supplies for teachers are essential tools to help you create an engaging and effective classroom learning environment. You can help students develop a strong foundation in math concepts and skills by providing hands-on materials and interactive resources. In addition, the correct math supplies can significantly impact a student’s learning journey. Investing in high-quality math supplies and using them creatively in the classroom can help your students discover the joy and power of math, setting them up for success in their academic and professional lives.

Happy Teaching!

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