The Most Engaging Two’s Day Activities Students Will Love

Something exciting is coming in 2022–February 22,2022 or what’s already known as Two’s Day. Some people have also nicknamed it 2’s Day or 2s Day and even Two’s Day Tuesday. Whatever you want to call it, this post shares the most engaging Two’s Day activities and ideas that your students will love! These ideas work well for in-person and online learning.

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Is Two’s Day an Official Holiday?

If you haven’t already heard the buzz, a special “holiday” is coming in 2022. Many teachers are already gearing up to celebrate the Number 2 with Two’s Day Tuesday.

Although it isn’t an official holiday, it’s a fun way to honor February 22, 2022.

Other teachers may choose to celebrate this rare calendar date on February 2, 2022, which also contains only two’s.

But 2-2-22 happens on another fun day to celebrate: Groundhog’s Day.

Whether you choose February 2nd or February 22nd, you may be looking for some engaging Two’s Day activities for your students.

So, let’s dive into some fresh ideas!

Two’s Day T-Shirts for Teachers (and Students)

One fun way to get ready for 2’s Day involves themed teacher t-shirts!

If you’ve spent a little time on this site, you know I love a cute teacher tee shirt.

Black easily matches any other color, which is why this option is one of my favorites. Plus, I love leopard print!

These Two’s Day teacher shirts have other color options besides black. In fact, several of them come in 9 or more colors.

It amps up the fun factor when your students see you wearing something that matches the special 2s day theme.

Two’s Day Activities–Digital Maze Games

Speaking of virtual or remote learning, here’s a highly engaging Two’s Day digital activity you can use.

This collection of Math & ELA activities are all connected to doubles / pairs/ or the number two.

All the exercises in this resource are set up in a fun maze that takes students on a “Two’s Day” journey.

There are 4 levels with 2 “Monster Challenges” on each level. As students solve each challenge, they progress through the levels to win the Two’s Day Trophy!

☀️This digital only set contains:

•4 ELA Activity Slides

•4 Math Activity Slides

•BONUS “Message Code” Challenge Exercise

•Clear Teacher & Student Directions

•Answer Keys

All these activities are formatted in an interactive gaming maze that allows students to travel through the maze easily by using the embedded links.

Even if you’re learning in-person but required to use devices due to safety precautions, these games can work for you.

Your students will get a kick out of solving challenges related to:

•Compound Words


•Adding & Multiplying by 2

•Adding Doubles

•Multiplication Arrays

•Words with “to, too, or two” in them

•Matching pairs


These digital Two’s Day activities are sure to be a hit with your students!

Consider a Taco Tuesday 2-22-22 Theme

When I think of Tuesdays, I immediately think of Tacos!


Because I meal plan each week and using alliteration makes that process so much easier for me. So, on most Tuesdays in my house, we eat Tacos. 🌮

I know I’m not the only one!

Since 2-22-22 falls on a Tuesday, another engaging Two’s Day idea involves tacos in the classroom.

If you are able to serve food, this gadget makes serving tacos so much easier and less messy for your kiddos:

Photo Credit: Amazon

This heated lazy Susan goes with a Taco Tuesday theme. You can add your toppings in the center, while students’ place their tacos on separate holders.

I will admit, purchasing something like this may be out of your teacher budget if you’re also buying learning resources.

Especially if you have a large class size.

So, perhaps you could add this to a class wish list, urgent Donor’s Choose list, or ask a Room Mom or Dad to purchase it for you.

If all else fails, you can also grab some inexpensive taco party decor for a mini classroom transformation.

Photo Credit: Amazon

Expand Taco Tuesday Theme with Taco or Tuesday Read-Alouds

Even if serving tacos isn’t an option for you, reading taco books could be a fun treat for 2/22/22.

But you don’t have to stop with just taco read-alouds.

You can also include children’s books about the day of week Tuesday.

No need to spend countless hours searching for book ideas on either theme; just browse this list of goodies:

If you are still teaching remotely, several of these books can be assigned virtually using e-books. You can also use a service called Vooks.

What is Vooks?

I love Vooks!

It’s an ad-free library of animated story books that turn read-alouds into video content. That’s where the name comes from: video + books= Vooks.

For your virtual reading, access the books you want through Vooks and share your screen with students to read along.

This actually works for in-class teaching as well; just show Vooks on your projector or Smartboard to students. This works SO well during transitions when you need students seated and engaged quietly!

I especially like how the words to the story show up on the screen with the animations.

They even include lesson plans that can be helpful in saving time.

What I’ve found so far seems to have more content for elementary teachers rather than middle or high school.

So, if you want to spice up your virtual reading, you can get 30 Days FREE here. (affiliate link)

Incorporate a Funny Tuesday Writing Activity

I am always looking for clever ways to get students writing more.

So another interesting idea you can add to your list of Two’s Day activities includes the wordless picture book Tuesday.

This is a writing assignment I recommend even beyond 2-22-22.

The book is a collection of whimsical artwork showing frogs floating airborne on their lily pads on a Tuesday.

Challenge your students to write mini-stories about WHY the frogs are floating around on a Tuesday.

You can even have students extend the story to connect it with February 22, 2022 by writing a Part 2 about the frogs.

I think it will be hilarious to see what creative ideas students envision about the frogs. 🐸

Show Engaging Videos About Animal Pairs

You may want something fun for students to watch on Two’s Day.

If so, videos about animal pairs fits perfectly with a theme related to the number two.

Some examples would include:

  • Animals that are always seen together in pairs
  • Symbiotic animals that pair together in nature
  • Species that are known to mate for life

I even found this video about animals that are often confused with one another. This example is my favorite because I would definitely connect it with homophones.

Can you see how cool it would be to show students these animal look alikes for 2’s day?!

Serve Snacks or Candy That Come in Pairs

The final idea for your Two’s Day activities is to serve yummy treats related to pairs.

Keeping with the theme of things being a duo, there are lots of food items that come in 2s:

  • Twix
  • Zebra Cakes
  • Nerds
  • Nutty Butty cookies
  • Kit Kat candy (can be easily broken into doubles)
  • Double Bubble or Double Mint Gum

Even if you can’t find food that comes in two’s, you can serve snacks in doubles to stick with that theme.

Some ideas that come to mind are double decker sandwiches 🥪 or double fudge ice cream. 🍨

How Will You Celebrate Two’s Day?

There’s something about the excitement around 2-22-22 that reminds me of Leap Year Day or a Lunar Eclipse.

Since it’s rare, it feels special and definitely something to incorporate in the classroom.

However, don’t let that stress you out!

There’s no right or wrong way to celebrate this event.

You can do something big like a classroom transformation or something small and no-prep.

Maybe your students will be just as happy with something goofy or simple like:

  • Try to write your name with two pencils.
  • Wear two hats to school.
  • Raise both your hands instead of just one when you want to speak.
  • Hold up two fingers to signal you have to use the bathroom.
  • Make it a “work with a partner all day” thing.
  • Have free-time for 22 minutes.
  • Play Doubles Rap math songs on YouTube and sing to them.

Be creative. Have fun. You know what your students will enjoy better than anyone else.

Share your ideas below to help other teachers come up with creative Two’s Day activities.

Happy Teaching 🦋

The Butterfly Teacher

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