Super Simple Classroom Management Tips After a Long Break

Have you ever felt the post-break classroom jitters, wondering how to recapture the learning magic after a long break? 🤔 Well, you’re not alone! Getting back into the groove of teaching can be challenging, but fear not! In this post, we’re diving into some super effective classroom management tips after a long break. These strategies are not just about maintaining order; they’re about reigniting the spark of learning and enthusiasm in your classroom.

In addition to my tips, you’re getting insightful ideas from Marissa of Creative Classroom CoreCarla of Comprehensive Connection, Amber of TGIF and Chrissy of Buzzing with Ms. B.

Let’s explore how to make this transition not only smooth but also enjoyable for both you and your students! 🌟

Super Simple Classroom Management Tips After a Long Break

How do I reset my classroom after a break?

Returning to the classroom after a break can sometimes feel like you’re starting from square one, right?Luckily, resetting your classroom environment is easier than you think and can actually be quite fun!

  • Refresh the Classroom Layout:
    • Consider rearranging desks or creating a new reading corner.
    • A fresh layout can rekindle students’ interest and excitement. 🌟

  • Review Classroom Norms and Routines:
    • Quickly go over the rules and expectations to remind students of the classroom culture.
    • Involve students in suggesting any new rules or adjustments. 🤝

  • Set New Goals:
    • Discuss and set academic and personal growth goals with your students.
    • Incorporate a goal-setting activity for added engagement. 🎯

  • Personal Teacher Reset:
    • Reflect on your teaching practices and identify areas for improvement.
    • A refreshed teacher leads to a refreshed classroom! 💡

  • Emphasize Community Building:
    • Engage in activities that foster a sense of community and collaboration.
    • This can be through team-building exercises or group discussions. 🌈

  • Incorporate Fun and Welcoming Activities:
    • Use engaging activities to ease students back into the learning mode.
    • Activities from my New Year’s Activity set can be particularly effective. 🎉

  • Create a Visual Reminder of Classroom Goals:
    • Design a bulletin board or a poster with class goals and expectations.
    • This serves as a constant, visual reminder of what you’re all striving to achieve together. 📌

5 Classroom Management Tips After a Long Break

Navigating the post-break classroom can be a unique challenge. In this section, we’ll explore some handy classroom management tips to help you smoothly transition back into the rhythm of teaching.

Tip #1: Have Fun No-Prep Activities Ready to Go

One of the best ways to ease back into the classroom is with fun, no-prep activities. And what better way to do this than with my latest New Years Activity set? 🎊 This “Happy New Year 2024 NO-PREP Math ELA New Years Activities” packet is a teacher’s dream come true for post-holiday classroom engagement.

Super Simple Classroom Management Tips After a Long Break

Why are these activities a game-changer?

  • First off, they’re no-prep, meaning you can save your precious time for other important tasks.
  • Plus, they’re packed with over 17 engaging activities that cover both Math and ELA. Imagine starting your year with a blend of word searches, resolution goal setting, and creative writing prompts – all themed around the excitement of the New Year! 📚✏️
  • These activities aren’t just fun; they’re educational and aligned with classroom goals. They help students ease back into learning, setting a positive tone for the year ahead.
  • Let’s not forget the flexibility they offer. Whether you need something for morning work, transition activities, or even as a part of your winter centers, these activities have got you covered. 🎉

Super Simple Classroom Management Tips After a Long Break

With this New Years Activity set, you’re not just preparing activities; you’re setting up a welcoming and engaging learning environment that students will love returning to after the break. 🌟

Tip #2: Focus on Engagement

Marissa from Creative Classroom Core believes that the key to classroom management is engagement – and there is no better way to do that than to get them up and moving!

It’s no secret that kids have a lot of energy. And while sometimes that energy can be disruptive, it can also be harnessed and channeled into productive learning.

When possible, Marissa believes that is is important to incorporate some physical activity into her lessons. This helps students burn off some excess energy and stay focused.

  • For example, you could start each morning with a quick brain break or do some desk yoga together as a class.

  • Or, if you have access to an outdoor space, consider incorporating some outdoor learning activities for a change of scenery.

Physical activity has been shown to improve concentration and focus, so it’s a win-win for everyone! For more tips and tricks for classroom management after a long break, check out the Creative Classroom Core blog!

Tip #3: Utilize Morning Meetings to Set Expectations and Build Community

After a long break, your kids are sure to be out of sorts with being back in school. Carla from Comprehension connection suggests using morning meetings during those first few days back to work on goal setting, routines, and community building.

When kids have common goals and understand the expectations, they are able to collaborate. Her post about building a positive classroom community offers 5 simple ideas that might help.

She also has suggested book titles you might use that focus on goal setting in this post as well as SEL poetry sets which work very well for morning meeting discussions.

Tip #4: Incorporate Movement Breaks and Re-Establish Routines

Coming back into the classroom after a long break can be tough on both teachers and students. Amber from TGIF has two suggestions that will help make the transition easier.

  1. Students may struggle with sitting still after being away from the classroom for an extended period of time. Incorporating movement breaks into the daily routine can help students refocus and stay engaged. Consider implementing short brain breaks or incorporating movement into academic activities.

  2. After a break, students may have become accustomed to a more relaxed schedule. It is important to re-establish classroom routines and procedures to help students get back into the swing of things. This can include setting a consistent schedule for daily activities, such as reading time, math practice, and group work. Make sure your students know what to expect each day and how to transition between activities.
Super Simple Classroom Management Tips After a Long Break

Tip #5: Remind Students How To Work Together as a Team

Getting kids used to waking up early, following routines, and sitting for longer periods of the day is a challenge after winter break! One idea that Chrissy of Buzzing with Ms. B uses is to help her kids review how to work together as a team is the collaboration puzzle!

It’s one easy way to help kids minimize the bickering and behavior issues that pop up during teamwork! It’s a fun way to present working as a team.

To make their puzzle, each student will think about what their part of the teamwork puzzle is and add it to a puzzle template. After they work together, kids can also rate how well they performed their part of the puzzle!

Want more details about the playbook? Check out this post!

Another fun and meaningful way Chrissy helps kids think about the way they work together and communicate is to have them envision a class that isn’t working well together and make a quick sketch.

  • Then she asks them to envision a classroom that works well together and make another quick sketch!
  • As a class, they discuss the differences and make a collection of agreements that will help them learn together as a classroom team.

Feeling ready to jumpstart your classroom management after a long break?

As we wrap up, remember that the return to the classroom after a long break doesn’t have to be daunting.

With the right strategies and resources like the ones we’ve discussed, you can turn this time into an opportunity for renewed energy and enthusiasm in your teaching.

Embrace these classroom management tips after a long break, and watch as your students re-engage with learning in a joyful and productive way. Here’s to an amazing start to the new year!

Happy teaching! 🍎🎉

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