Promoting Critical Thinking with Math Riddles

If you’ve ever wondered how to get your students to think more deeply during math, this post is for you! It gives ideas for promoting critical thinking with math riddles.

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Getting Students to Think More Deeply

Thinking is the hardest work there is, which is probably the reason so few engage in it.     

Henry Ford

One of my favorite things to do as a teacher is pushing my students to think more deeply.

So instead of just giving my former 2nd graders straight math drills to memorize, I would give them math riddles instead.

Promoting critical thinking through math riddles pushes students to engage in several different learning skills at once.

Students must read carefully to comprehend the riddle. Then they have to complete the math computation in order to solve the riddle.

I love this because it combines ELA and Math content for my students.

promoting critical thinking with math riddles
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Math Riddle Example:

This image below gives an example of a math riddle. Students engage in problem-solving skills as they work through each problem.

Math Riddles help promote critical thinking and place value practice. I absolutely LOVE being able to address and giving meaningful practice with more than one learning standard.

promoting critical thinking with math riddles

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Teaching Critical Thinking with Task Cards

Infusing Technology with Math Riddles

In addition to pushing my students beyond just rote memorization math practice, these QR Codes also give them practice with technology. My students absolutely love QR Codes anyway. Honestly, I love them too! They give students a chance to see their answers immediately. That is less grading for me and it gives students instant feedback.

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When a student gets a problem incorrect, they go back and rework the math riddle–either independently or with a partner.

I’ve noticed how this also pushes their critical thinking because finding their own math mistake involves deeper thinking. Plus, it is a great exercise in showing grit and perseverance; something my kids definitely need!

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Promote Critical Thinking with Math Riddles Task Cards

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Now that the “techy” talk has been covered, we can all go push our students to think more critically with some fun math riddles!

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