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Searching for an engaging way to dive into various fractions skills like adding and subtracting fractions? Then you and your students will enjoy this set of Fractions Math Matching Games tailored for comprehensive fraction understanding for 4th and 5th graders. Designed as gameboard-style centers, these activities offer hands-on experiences that make mastering fraction concepts more fun for your kiddos.

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    4th & 5th Grade Math Games & Centers BUNDLE

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🌟Are you on the lookout for some delightful fractions math games that blend fun with learning? Say hello to our Fractions Math Matching Games set! Tailored just for the vibrant world of 4th and 5th graders, these games are all about diving deep into those fraction skills, especially when it comes to adding and subtracting them.

Imagine gameboard-styled centers where your students are excitedly navigating through fraction challenges. That’s exactly what these centers promise, making fractions more of an adventure than just another math topic.

And for those independent thinkers in your class? We’ve got a no-fuss, color-matching version where they can explore fractions at their own pace.

⭐ Here’s a little sneak peek into the Fractions Math Games Set:

– Getting the hang of identifying fractions using visual fraction models.
– A journey through the world of equivalent fractions.
– The art of converting those tricky improper fractions.
– Reading and understanding mixed numbers and their fraction buddies.
– Nailing the process of adding and subtracting fractions with like denominators.
– The magic of simplifying fractions to their neatest form.


Other concepts covered in this math resource:

  • Identifying equivalent fractions
  • Comparing fractions using area models
  • Adding & subtracting fractions with like & unlike denominators


Let’s make fractions an enchanting expedition for our 4th and 5th graders, where discovery meets fun! Happy fraction adventuring! 🎲🍎📚


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⭐ Inside this Fractions Math Games Set, you’ll find:

  • 5 Engaging Fraction Game-boards with matching pieces 
  • Answer Keys 
  • Student Guide on Fractions 
  • An Independent NO-PREP version, color-matching version 🖍️ 


You can use these in your classroom as:

  • fractions math centers
  • partner games
  • a fun activity for a tutoring session
  • math test prep games
  • individual color-coding math activity


Supports the following Common Core Standards:

  • 4.NF.B.3a
  • 4.NF.B.3c
  • 5.NF.A.1


❤️Save 30% with this BUNDLE ❤️

☝️☝️ Check out the PREVIEW for examples ☝️☝️




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