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As a part of my back-to-school and classroom procedures, I teach my students what they should do at the beginning and end of each day. I created this checklist which stays on my students’ desk all year long. It helps them maintain our entrance and exit routines to help promote classroom management.

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Implementing procedures at the start of the school year is a critical component of setting the tone for a productive and organized learning environment. One effective tool I utilize for this purpose is the Classroom Procedures Checklist. This checklist becomes an integral part of my back-to-school routine, aiding students in understanding and internalizing the procedures they should follow at the beginning and end of each school day.


These entrance and exit checklists will be the PERFECT addition to your classroom. I keep them on my students’ desk all year long. It helps them maintain our entrance and exit routines for better classroom management.


Using these classroom procedures checklists is EASY!

  • The checklist serves as a visual guide for students, helping them navigate our entrance and exit procedures with ease, contributing significantly to classroom management.
  • Once I’ve printed and laminated these checklists, I affix them to each student’s desk using small Velcro dots.
  • This simple yet practical approach ensures that the checklists remain easily accessible throughout the entire school year.


This resource is a sample of my Student Job Helper Name Plates & Checklists Resource.


I hope they make it easier for you to establish a strong classroom management system during your back to school procedures. Plus, you can use these checklists with any grade!


Using these checklists has made a tremendous difference in holding my students accountable for following our routines.


They have also made transitions more efficient in my class.





If you like being able to customize materials for your students, be sure to check out my other EDITABLE resources HERE.


>>>Learn more about establishing classroom procedures: 10 Creative & Fun Ways to Teach Classroom Procedures<<<<



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27 reviews for Classroom Procedures Checklists FREEBIE {Editable} | Entrance & Exit Procedures

  1. Elvia V.

    Great Freebie that I will also use at the beginning of next year.

  2. Rhiannon H.

    Great resource and product! This came in handy for setting up my classroom.


    I used these in my 4th grade classroom. I printed individual ones for my students and taped them to their desk as a daily reminder of the procedures.

  4. Christina S.

    Considering this was free, it is a good resource. It would have been more helpful if a sample had been provided.

  5. Mary H.

    Great resource that I’ve used for many years! Thanks!

  6. Lorie V.

    This just made my life easier! instead of having to create this from scratch, I just entered my list, print and laminated it. The size was great!

  7. Abby S.

    My students love this resource. I like using it in my classroom a lot! 🙂

  8. Sarah Masucci

    I didn’t end up using this one because I remembered I had one with ocean animals that help me direct my student’s attention to each particular list, but I wanted to take the opportunity to thank you for making such a great and FREE resource. You’re awesome!!

  9. Amy Blevins

    Loved it! Thank you.

  10. Vicki Thompson

    Great resource.

  11. Brittany H.

    Great resource!

  12. Tracy P.

    These are great! Everybody needs/loves a checklist. Procedures, procedures, procedures!!

  13. Katherine K.

    I added a clipart picture next to each task. Will use this next year to teach expectations and procedures.

  14. Mrs Bush

    MY students were not used to this, but I wanted to try it out before the end of the year. I think that it would be better served towards younger students, but they quickly picked up on what I was asking them to do.

  15. Lauren W.

    A great idea for staying organized!

  16. Lurie H.

    Love this! Thank you!!

  17. Cassandra R.

    Loved it!

  18. angela S.

    My students loved this resource.

  19. Ashley G.

    I absolutely love this product!

  20. Maureen G.

    helped keep us all organized and on schedule.

  21. Sondra S.

    i want to try these in my class!

  22. Toni S.

    Thanks for sharing a great resource!

  23. Stephanie R.

    This is a great idea and think it will be very useful managing students entering and exiting in the classroom.

  24. Buyer

    Thank you! This will help my students stay on task. I’m looking forward to reminding them less and having them take more responsibility. Just what I have been needing! This seller responds very quickly.

  25. Howes in the Middle

    This will be super helpful when teaching procedures. Thank you!

  26. Danielle J.

    These will be very helpful for the students!

  27. Kate M.

    The zip file wouldn’t open on my computer 🙁

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