5th Grade Geometry Task Cards

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Looking for an easy but interesting way to help your students practice their geometry skills? The purpose of this 2D shapes and angles task card set is to give 5th-graders extra practice to reinforce the skills learned in class. This set of 21 task cards comes in a fun winter theme and supports the Common Core standards 5.G.B.3 AND 5.G.B.4. You also get both printable and digital versions.

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Ready to bring geometry to life for your 5th graders with some hands-on fun? How about trying our 5th Grade Geometry Task Cards? This set, filled with colorful 2D shapes and angles, has been tailored just for them. Whether you’re in a classroom setting or navigating the online learning world, these task cards are perfect!

With these 21 dynamic 5th Grade Geometry Task Cards, your students will:

– 📐 Spot and label various 2D shapes like rhombus, trapezoid, and more.
– 🎨 Distinguish between regular and irregular polygons.
– ⏹️ Sort and identify different quadrilaterals and parallelograms.
– 🔺 Pinpoint types of triangles: from isosceles to scalene to equilateral.
– 📏 Compare angles: acute, right, obtuse, and their degrees.

Bonus Features:
– ✔️ ANSWER KEYS for seamless checking
– 🌈 Available in both vibrant color and classic black & white
– 💻 Ready to fit into any online learning platform–the GOOGLE Slides link is within the PDF you get when you purchase the set

Level up your geometry game and make learning interactive with these fab 5th Grade Geometry Task Cards!

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💻 What Does “Easel Activity” Mean?

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Teachers, you’re in for a treat with these task cards!

Here’s why you’ll adore integrating these task cards into your geometry lessons:

– 🎈 Ease of Use: Simply print or go digital. No fuss setup!
– 🚀 Engagement Boost: Students light up with hands-on, interactive practice.
– 🔄 Versatile: Perfect for math centers, group work, or quick assessments.
– 💡 Instant Feedback: With self-checking versions in our TPT store, students can monitor their progress.
– 🎯 Aligned Goals: Tailored to meet Common Core standards, ensuring you’re on track.

You’ve got a fantastic tool that makes geometry review a delightful experience for both you and your students. Dive in and watch the learning magic unfold!




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5 reviews for 5th Grade Geometry Task Cards

  1. Carmen’s Classroom


  2. Angie S.

    These were a great addition to our math station rotation.

  3. Misty G.

    This resource was a great addition to our geometry unit.

  4. Melonie B.

    This was a great resource and a wonderful addition to our curriculum.

  5. Modern Language Academy

    I have used this resource with my ELT students and they have enjoyed it a lot.

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