Comfortable Shoes for Teachers That Aren’t Ugly

Who says comfort has to equal drab?! This post shares the most comfortable shoes for teachers that aren’t ugly! Plus, the men and women’s shoe options in this post won’t break the bank.

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I remember it like it was yesterday…throbbing pain shooting up the back of my legs.

It felt like tiny bee stings all over my calf muscles and in the back of my knees.

As if that pain wasn’t enough, my back screamed in agony while I limped along forcing a smile like everything was ok.

I was definitely NOT ok! A quick visit to my doctor and the diagnosis makes me laugh as I look back on her advice: Buy Better Shoes. What?!? That’s it! Shoe problems! Yep, that’s right folks, my shoes were literally killing me!

I found some wonderful orthepedic work shoes that helped alleviate the pain in no time, but the only problem is that they looked awful.

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Just because teachers, nurses, and stay-at-home parents want to be comfortable, doesn’t mean we want to look frumpy!

Say goodbye to hammer toes and blistering bunions with these comfortable, yet cute shoes for teachers. LOL! I sound like an infomercial! But we will forge ahead anyway.

Most Comfortable Sandals for Teachers

All of the shoes in this category are for women! Sorry guys–you’re up next.

Each style featured comes in different colors and sizes to suit your shoe taste. And since they are all sandals, they are all open-toe shoes.

CLARKS Women’s Step Cali Palm Sandal

I absolutely love Clarks’ brand when it comes to comfortable work shoes. I’ve tried several different types of Clarks and they all keep my feet feeling glorious!

They may seem pricer than other teacher shoes, but they are one of the most comfortable shoes for standing long hours!

CLARKS Women’s Arla Shaylie Platform

Besides the cushion bottom, my favorite thing about these shoes are the cloth straps. You won’t have to worry about anything digging into your skin while you move around.

If the tan, white, and grey combo is not your thing, you may love the navy blue or black version of this shoe.

SODA Women’s Casual Espadrilles

I might be obsessed with espadrilles! They are versatile, so not only do they make comfortable work shoes, but you can also wear them outside of work!

They also come in 29 different colors and patterns, even a gorgeous black and white snakeskin style.

Cute & Comfortable Dress Sneakers for Teachers

Sperry shoes, loafers, boat-style dress sneakers, on and on. This category showcases the most comfortable men’s and women’s shoes that look professional and stylish.

SPERRY Women’s Sailor Boat Leather Sneaker

Transparency on this site is important to me, so I will be honest and admit–I don’t own these shoes.

I included them on this list because I’ve heard nothing but great things about them. Plus, I have worn the Sperry brand of shoe before and they are the most comfortable walking shoes that are also on the “dressier side.”

Sperry Men’s Lanyard 2-Eye Lace Up Boat Shoe

We can’t leave our amazing male teachers out in the cold! They are on their feet all day too. These Sperry Men’s shoes were highly rated and very affordable.

Plus they come in different shades of brown.

Cole Haan Men’s Zerogrand Stitchlite Wingtip Oxford

Here’s another comfortable work shoe for men teachers and coaches.

Cole Haan has a reputation for being a high quality shoe brand, so male teachers will enjoy this comfy shoe that isn’t ugly.

Harence Women’s Soft Comfort Leather Loafers

Your feet will deeply thank you after walking around in these all day. They are probably the most comfortable walking shoes for work ever!

I love how this shoe comes in 20 different colors and feels like it’s massaging your feet as you walk.

At first, walking on it feels funny because it’s unusual, but you quickly adjust.

Comfortable Flats for Teachers

Flats offer good support and comfort when you find the right pair. These are some of my favorite and most comfortable flats when you have to be on your feet all day.

Ollio Womens Shoe Ballet Light Faux Suede Low Heels Flat

Leopard print matches with so many different teacher outfits.

Plus these shoes are so comfortable! Not only do I wear them for work, but I also teach Sunday school at my church, and I wear them to some Sundays too.

Cior Ballerina Suede Flats

I also do not own these shoes, but I love the gorgeous royal blue color. These made the list of being the best shoes for teachers because of all the rave reviews.

If you have tried them, please be sure to leave your thoughts in the comments.

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Cole Haan Women’s Tali Grand Lace Wedge

I know, I know…these shoes are really flats. I included them in this post because they are soooo comfortable! Even though they’re wedges, they have great arch support and don’t feel too “high.”

Accessories to Help You Enjoy Your Comfortable Shoes Even More

No matter which pair of comfy and cute shoes you choose, these accessories will help your shoes last longer:

What are some of your favorite and most comfortable shoes to wear as a teacher? Leave your top picks in the comments below!

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  1. teaching is a very noble profession. Teachers have to be Very careful about how they dress in front of their students. Shoe is a important component of dressing. Teacher’s shoe has to be decent looking, not too flashy , not quirky, not eye scathing. These shoes are some great example of how a teacher shoe have to
    Great post thanks for sharing. .

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