Are Amazon Prime Day Deals Really Worth It for Teachers?

The hype over Amazon Prime Day deals for teachers rings loud and clear. But is it really worth it? This post shares the top pros and cons of Amazon Prime deals for teachers with bonus tips on how to save money using Amazon! Even for 2022 Prime Day deals in October.

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What is Prime Day & Why the Hype Over It?

Prime Day comes dancing our way each year around early to mid-July. For 2022, it is happening on October 11-12.

It’s 36 hours where tons of deals are up for grabs–to everyone!

Many countries that have access to Amazon reap the benefits of Prime Day deals. Since teachers are always on the hunt for great prices so we can stretch our dollars, Prime Day deals really catch our attention.

In order to score these Prime Day deals, teachers must be a Prime member. The current membership price is $139 a year. So it is truly worth it to shop for deals on Prime Day as a teacher PLUS pay an annual membership fee???

Try Prime here for 30 Days–FREE! Then you can grab some Prime Day deals for your home and classroom.

Is Amazon Prime FREE for Teachers?

Right away, let’s clear up the #1 myth about Amazon Prime Membership: it is NOT free for teachers!

However, there are awesome discounts on the Prime membership that you may be eligible for as a teacher. Check out these offers for discounts on the Prime membership cost:

FREE Grubhub+ Membership with Prime

Another benefit I enjoy as a Prime member is free Grubhub+.

Photo Courtesy of Amazon
Click HERE or click the image to try Amazon Prime FREE for 30 days.

I will admit, having food delivered to my house has me spoiled! The convenience is well worth the price.

With this deal, your $9.99 fee is waived, which means you save $120 on deliveries.

Of course you still have to pay for the actual foods + a good tip for your driver, but not having to pay the membership is a really sweet deal.

What Are the Best Amazon Prime Day Deals for Teachers?

Now that we know WHAT Prime Day is and we’ve cleared up the myth about getting the Prime Membership for free, let’s tackle the million-dollar question…

…is it really worth it to shop Prime Day Deals as a teacher?

Well, the answer is YES and NO!

Yeah, probably not the answer you wanted, right? Just hear me out.

Amazon DOES offer some amazing deals on Prime Day that truly benefit teachers, but it depends on the items you are shopping for.

Click HERE or click the image to see details on all these deals and more.

I’ve been an Amazon Prime member for several years now, and I’ve been able to grab awesome deals on Prime Day.

One of the hidden perks of shopping Amazon Prime Day deals as a teacher is that everything is a one-stop shop.

The biggest CON of Prime Day is that you MUST be an Amazon Prime member. The first year I shopped the Prime Day deals, I used the FREE Trial for the membership and I’ve never looked back!

Try Amazon Family for more perks and benefits. Try it here.

Perks for Having Amazon Prime Membership as a Teacher

If there’s a chance that shopping on Prime Day isn’t worth it for teachers, why pay such a hefty membership fee?

For me, I don’t keep the Prime membership just to shop for Prime Day deals. There are SO many other perks that teachers will enjoy all year long:

  • Getting FREE 2-Day shipping on classroom books and supplies and even things you need or want for your home.

  • I get to steam tons of tv shows and movies for no additional cost. This really comes in handy when we want to watch the movie version of our favorite novels.

  • Prime Reading and Listening also grants access to music and books for Prime members.

Ultimately, it’s about your perspective and mindset when it comes to deal-shopping. You can rack up on great deals on Amazon as long as your shopping has a clear plan and purpose!

Best Amazon Prime Day Deals for 2022

Now that Amazon has pushed its Prime Day back to October for 2022, what are the best deals for teachers?

So far, based on my deal-hunting, the best Prime Day deals this year are:

  • Home office essentials like this comfy chair!
  • Small kitchen appliances like my favorite air fryer HERE that make meal prep easier.
  • My favorite online book service: Kindle Unlimited: you get 50% OFF on a 6-month subscription here.
  • Portable Crockpot for your school lunches. This thing is AMAZING! You can save so much money taking your lunch to school. But it really helps when your lunch is yummy and hot!
Photo Courtesy from Amazon
Click HERE or click the image to see more details.

Subscription Boxes: Bundle Deals from Amazon

Another new favorite for me is the subscription box deals for 2022.

Not only can you find cute and gift-able boxes, but you can also find several subscription boxes for yourself.

Most of the boxes I found offer $100+ worth of merchandise for a pretty low starting price.

The latest topics offered include:

Photo Courtesy of Amazon
Click HERE or click the image for more details.

You can even get subscription boxes for your pets, plant lovers, or gifts for your teacher friends.

Bonus Tips for Saving Money on Amazon

Hopefully, you will find awesome Prime day deals this year, but if not, you can still save money by shopping on Amazon. Here are some tips to get you started:

  • Getting grocery delivery service through Amazon Fresh or Amazon Pantry, which is a BIG TIME game changer!

  • Install the FREE Wikibuy Chrome extension, which alerts you of coupon codes while you’re shopping on Amazon.

  • If you own a business, you can set an Amazon Business account that makes purchasing office supplies and other needed items much easier.

  • Create a Wish List of things you’d like for your classroom. When the price of those items drops, Amazon will alert you of the deal.

You can also download the app and get mobile alerts on your favorite deals.

There are so many Amazon advantages that teachers can use to save time and money!

What’s your favorite Amazon tip–whether for Prime Day deals or not? Share it in the comments below

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