Cool and Unexpected Teacher Gifts Under $20

When you’ve been teaching for over 10 years, you see your fair share of apple-themed coffee mugs for teacher gifts! I want to share some really cool and unexpected teacher gifts under $20 that ANY teacher will love!

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I’ve divided this ultimate list of teacher gifts into categories. Here are the topics of teacher gift ideas you will below; Teacher Gifts for the…

  • Food Lover
  • Tech Lover
  • IKEA Lover
  • Organization Lover
  • Gift Card Lovers

Teacher Gifts Under $20 for the Food Lover

Portable Stainless Steel Flatware Set–$15

I cannot tell you how many times I forgot my utensils at home or didn’t have any plastic ones in my classroom. Or how many teacher conferences I attended with no utensils! This makes a GREAT teacher gift!

Portable Stainless Steel Drinking Straws–$8

These straws are reusable and they come in different sizes. Your teacher will think this is a very cool and unexpected gift!

A Coffee and Tea Mug-Warmer For Your Desk–$11

Whether your favorite teacher is a coffee connoisseur or likes to steep their herbal tea–this mug warmer will sit very nicely on their desk and keep their much-needed drink hot!

Personalized Reusable Starbucks Coffee Cup–$13

Teacher Gifts Under $20 for the Tech Lovers

An Adjustable Tablet Stand–$17

I have the compatible phone stand to this tablet stand and I absolutely LOVE it! I give more details about it in my Top Tech Gifts for Teachers post coming very soon. It’s here! Check out the best Tech Gifts for Teachers! 

An Acrylic Memo Board for Computer Monitors–$12

Since teachers spend so much time staring at computer screens, this handy organizational gift makes life so much easier! It has a slot for your cell phone and places to put sticky notes. Plus, it’s only $12!

A Clear Acrylic Side Panel for the Computer Monitor–$7

This companion piece to the cool tech accessory listed above holds even more sticky notes and reminders. Something ALL teachers need near their

Laptop Carrying Bag with a Separate Case for Cords–$13

Your teacher will thank you for days over any durable laptop case he or she gets for a gift! Depending on what size bag you find, like this chevron example below, you can score a great deal with this unexpected teacher gift.

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Teacher Gifts Under $20 for the IKEA Lover

Black Metal Double Hook by IKEA–$8

Teachers are always using Command Hooks! We cannot get enough of them. But for the IKEA Lover teacher, a double hook in the beautiful matte finish will definitely be a hit!

An “IKEA-Inspired” Large Storage bag with Handles–$13

This beautiful bag is waterproof and durable. Teachers carry things for field trips, Field Day activities, special class events, on and on. Having a durable bag–especially inspired by IKEA–makes a great gift for under $20.

IKEA Comfort Slippers–$20

This one isn’t all the way under $20, but they are the most comfortable house slippers ever!

Teacher Gifts Under $20 for the Organization Lover

Rose Gold Post-It Notes Pop-Up Holder–$10

“Sing it with me: I love stickies, yes I do! I love stickies, how about you!?” One quick search through Teachers Pay Teachers, and you’ll see why this gift would make any teacher very happy!

Gold Hanging File Desk Organizer–$18

I talk about this gorgeous desk organizer in my End-of-the-Year Gifts for Teachers post here because it is my absolute favorite desk organizer!

Decorative File Folders–$15

If you going to get a cool hanging file holder for that special teacher in your life, you might as well add some beautiful file folders to the mix.

Decorative Wall Hooks–$20

This cool and unexpected teacher gift can be used for a variety of things! Let your teacher’s imagination soar with this neat teacher gift.

More Teacher Gift Ideas

These cool and unexpected ideas for teacher gifts under $20 should help you get the ball rolling on your gift-giving spree!

Thank you for supporting and encouraging that special teacher in your life!

Here’s one last way to make them feel special with a gift under $20: Teacher Encouragement Notes Set. This gift will not only be great for any teacher, but he or she can use it to encourage someone else!

teacher gift ideas under $20
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Cool and Unexpected Teacher Gifts Under $20

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